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Tom & Willow Wolfe




Our journey together started with refitting this truck.




Willow's Story

I'd always loved these trucks and vintage vehicles in general. When I was child there was a broken down Bedford in a field on a lanes near where we lived I wanted it, even though it didn't run, and it probably couldn't even move. If I couldn't have that one when I was older, I was determined I was going to own one somehow... little did I know how my child hood interest in all things vintage would turn into such an amazing adventure in adulthood.

Growing up I always had a need for adventure and craved to be on the road seeking and finding. At the first opportunity I went travelling and what an amazing adventure it was. I met wonderful folk who lived in house trucks and converted vans and horse boxes in New Zealand an Australia and saw a multitude of different ways to be across the Middle East and Asia other than the bricks and motor of my upbringing. I lived in small vans for some time whilst I was in New Zealand and Australia, and was inspired and fell in love with the lifestyle. I heard my heart call me beyond the life of hitchhiking, busking, music and campfires and three years later I decided to become a midwife. I came back to the UK and quickly realised that not only did I really want to live in a truck to maintain the lifestyle I'd learned to love, but that actually there was no way I was going to be able to afford to go to uni if I didn't. With rent being so high and midwifery bursaries giving you less than the average person on benefits... I had the incentive to finally make the dream a reality. I got my place at uni, and I had some savings and jumped in and trusted it would all come together. I bought my wonderful blue beast, a Bedford TK horse box 1980, I now call him Sonic after a lovely fella I met in New Zealand who lived a gorgeous purple home on wheels, and partly for the comedy factor in that its top speed is around 50 mph.

The first build was epic, so many things to figure out and with no experience of what I was doing. I had friends and family to help me, but they all thought I was mad. It felt like I took 3 steps forward and 2 back at every stage. It was made out of mostly upcycled materials, free things, bits of free furniture and the odd thing which I bought.


I moved in in February 2011 and lived in my horse box home for 3 years until I was a midwife. Once I was working it was time for a home revamp. I wanted a shower, more space, a different layout and real wood rather the free chipboard covered venir that the free items had provided.


So having arrived at my friends in a secret location in the north of England. I planned to move out of the truck into the summer house (glorified garden shed) and rip it all apart and start again. I gave myself the provisional time frame of until the end of the summer to move back in. The 4 months turned into 7 months due to various things, full time job, cash supply, challenges of living in a suburb, weather and materials. I met the love of my life that summer and together we finished building our dream home. We finally moved in together in our newly built home on wheels in December 2014.


Tom’s Story

I had a running bet with a friend from secondary school that I’d build a ship one day. Not just a boat, but a ship!

I’d fallen in love with the idea of living in a travelling space that I'd built with my own hands, mainly from numerous pirate books I’d read as a child. After many years of living in bricks and mortar while studying, I was doing the research for moving into a canal barge when I met Willow.

We started refitting her old Bedford TK together and after 7 months of hard work we were ready to move in. Over the next 18 months we continuously re-thought the space to maximise storage and living space until we reached what we think is the perfect configuration.


In other news: I’m a Music and Music Technology teacher and I’m currently undertaking a Permaculture Design Certificate. I never travelled, except within europe, and pretty soon that’s going to change because I seem to have married the female version of Robinson Crusoe. If you can’t tell already, we’re all a bit mad in this family and do enjoy a good spot of laughter when cornered. We’re a simple folk with simple needs!


And although my ‘about me’ section pales in comparison to my ambitious counterpart to the left I can ingeniously










to flesh it out a bit.


I was a musician, if that’s worth mentioning. I was in ridiculous bands and wore ridiculous costumes. Maybe check out ABC For Giants or better still: check out my current composer work at www.thomaswolfe.co.uk


Here’s us getting up to nothing important

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